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I’m sure many of us can relate to the experience of spending time in the produce department at your go-to grocery store, picking between the mushy and the hard-as-rocks, deciding between the brown bananas or the green ones. You head home hoping you have chosen the best produce of the bunch. You get home and see those bright red strawberries you decided to buy, and you take a bite. IT’S SOUR! And disappointment ensues.

When I realized I had become complacent with my fruits and vegetables being unsatisfactory I knew I needed to make a change. That's when What's In Season came to be. 

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What's In Season is a series of products that provides information of what fruits and vegetables are being havested and sold in your area. This first line of products is specific to Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina, and other southern U.S states. 



My mission for What's In Season is to provide members of the community the products and information needed to be able to shop for their produce with purpose. With the products from What's In Season, you'll know when and which produce is available in your area. Shopping for produce mindfully can encourage you to eat fresh, support local farms, and enjoy the tastes of the flavorful fruits and veggies we all know and love.

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